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*Please​ see below what we buy before you come to sell!

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We buy it all day, everyday! No appointment needed!

All current seasons and in great condition!


The basics are simple: we are buying everything that is baby, kid, teen, maternity and all related sizes, as long as it’s current, clean, and in great condition. We will take winter or summer wear but will pay less for off-season items. We are taking all the big baby items like bouncers, walkers, strollers, play gyms,  swings, outdoor play equipment, bunk beds, bikes, strollers, toys, shoes and more!  


(1) Bring in your items, (preferably in 13 gallon bags). We will check your items in with your name and contact info.  We may take a couple days to go through them.

(2) We will call or text you with a no obligation offer.

(3) Come back in,  settle the account and have fun shopping!!!🤗

🍭P.S. Being a store credit member affords you 20% off new merchandise and it does not count against your store credit balance!🤗

***We usually offer store credit for clothing unless the items are new with tags.

*** items we passed on that are not picked up after 2 weeks will be donated to charity.

***We do not expire store credit, unless you haven’t used your account for 2 years. In that case, we will try to reach out to you!🙂

*** What is the 50/50?

Our 50/50 store credit policy means EVERYONE who sells to us can only use their store credit in any one given transaction, on a 50/50 basis.  This ensures that the store is able to offer the services we do at the prices we offer.  For example:  if you have store credit with YMO Kid Store and you want to buy a $20 jacket, you must use $10 of your store credit and the other $10 must be made with cash or credit card. No exceptions.   

***We do sell gift certificates which are treated as cash upon check out where this rule does not apply. Returned items are for store credit only, no cash refunds and are also  treated as gift certificates; to be used in whole.

***Cash buying is limited to equipment, large toys and clothing which is new with tags. 


Here is a detailed list of what we buy and the condition of items we accept:


baby/kids/teen/clothes for boys and girls and maternity, shoes

bouncers, walkers, play gyms, excer-saucers, swings

Highchairs, bumbos, toddler beds,

bunk beds, dressers, and any kids/baby décor items,

larger toys/infant toys, bibs, blankets, cloth diapers, baby packs and slings, safety gates and systems. pack n plays, basinets, co-sleepers,

bottles, warmers, breast pumps, nursing bras, belly supports and monitors, car seat covers, cart covers, diapers, kids books, learning games,

mobiles, boppys, changing tables, costumes during season and more!! Bikes, outside play equipment, strollers, kids desks.

 (All clothes MUST be stain free, smoke/odor free, and tear free)

What we do not buy:


play station/Gameboy type items


any recalled items

broken, damaged or dirty items


any clothes that are out of style/outdated

Gory  or disturbing costumes

Any items that have an odor or smell like smoke

clothes covered in animal hair

We buy clothing in bulk not by the individual piece.  Large items we buy individually.

Some hints for getting the most value out of your items!🤗

* Bring in your items freshly laundered.  This is a biggie.😉

* Make sure all your battery operated items work

* Wash up all your toys and equipment.  If I have to take it home and clean it, it will detract from the amount I will pay.🙂

* Bag up all small parts🛍


We buy items for cash or store credit.  For store credit you can drop off all day, any day.  Feel free to call to make sure we are accepting the items you have at


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